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I earned my law degree from  the Western State University College of Law in 1987 and set out to change people’s lives. If you are seeking someone who has a lot of experience in family law, especially in Orange County and around Tustin, I have handled almost every kind of family law case. My main goal is to be affordable by being efficient, while still meeting the needs of each of my clients.

Divorce and Alimony

When you get a divorce in California, you don’t have to prove that your spouse was at fault for ending the marriage. When dividing your assets, the Court will consider anything you acquired during the marriage as community property that can be split in an equitable manner, but other property that you got before the marriage is separate property you can keep.

Especially if you were married for a long time, the Court is likely to consider spousal support, or alimony. When two people have enjoyed a higher standard of living in a marriage partnership, it seems fair to at least give the person who has maybe been out of the work force for a while some help for a while.

An Orange County Family Law Attorney, such as myself, can help you work with your former partner to settle your marriage estate as you move on.

Child Custody and Support

The most significant issues in a divorce where there are children are the arrangements for custody and support. The courts want what is best for the children, and encourage the parents to work together in raising the children after divorce.

Whether or not the parents have joint legal custody, the children probably spend most of their time with one parent. That parent is likely to receive child support, based on the income of both parents. Both parents have a duty to support the children by law. I can help you figure out your duties and responsibilities in this area.

Experienced but Caring Counsel

As a Tustin family law attorney, I love family law practice, where helping people is often its own reward. If you want counsel who will work with you to seek the best result for you and your family, call my law office for a free consultation and evaluation of your case today.

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