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I am an experienced Tustin Child Support Lawyer focused on various practice areas under the heading of family law. Child support is one of the most important legal issues I can help you face after the breakdown of a relationship. Understanding child support laws in California is vital during the process of setting up child support and an experienced child support attorney, such as myself, can help you navigate this complicated process.

The Purpose of Child Support According to California Family Code 4053

A mother or father’s first and utmost obligation is to support their child. This includes financial support. The state of California’s code is written to ensure a child benefits from both parents’ living standard. California is of course an expensive state in which to reside. As such, child support payment amounts should correlate to adequately provide for a child.

How Child Support is Calculated in Orange County California

California has a preset guideline when it comes to setting up the proper amount of child support. The following are some of the factors that play into how much child support is deemed adequate:

  • The amount of money each parent either currently earns or can earn.
  • How many children the two parents have together.
  • How much time the parents spend with their children.girl counting coins
  • If a parent already pays child support for another child.
  • Tax filing status of each parent.
  • The cost of uninsured health-care costs, health insurance costs, and other health-related expenses.
  • The cost of daycare.

In addition to child support mandates, a parent might also have to share in the cost of the following for their child:

  • Health-care costs.
  • Educational needs.
  • Child care.
  • The cost of traveling for visitation.

When Child Support Amounts Need to Change

Various situations come up that allows you to request a change in child support amounts. This is typically applicable if you or your child’s other parent have experienced significant, long-lasting changes relating to income or the amount of time the child spends with you or the other parent. Keep in mind, if you are the parent paying child support, you still have to pay your court ordered amount while you wait for changes to be made to your child support.

Why an Orange County Child Support Lawyer is Necessary When Setting up Child Support

I believe working with me when establishing child support is to your advantage. As your child support lawyer in Tustin,CA, I will work tirelessly to create an ideal situation for all involved. Above all, my goal is to ensure your child’s needs are taken care of and you are treated fairly in the process. Call me today to schedule a consultation to learn more about child support.

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